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  • Dr. Surekha Gangasani
  • Dr. Pallavi Nandeeshwar
  • Dr. Thamilvani Thiruvasahar

All the physicians are Board Certified Rheumatologists

Business Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 8am to 5pm
  • Friday: 8am to 1pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


We accept all major insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company prior to making appointments.

Our goal is to provide superior and Compassionate care. We treat various Arthritis, Autoimmune/Connective tissue diseases, Musculoskeletal pain disorders and Osteoporosis.

Our Staff

Our friendly and professional staff has been serving our patient community since 2001. Whether it is scheduling related question or clinical question, our staff will always be there to help. Our brand new facility is very conveniently located. We have a onsite lab technician.